[cairo] Cairo/PNG shaked up.

Hans Breuer hans at breuer.org
Sun Apr 17 08:28:55 PDT 2005

Am 12.04.2005 um 16:19 schrieb Carl Worth:

> On Sun, 10 Apr 2005 22:35:04 +0100, "Hans Breuer" wrote:
>> While updateing my Cairo/Dia plug-in [1] I stumpled not only about
>> about lost convenience [2] (PNG output needs to be special cased now)
> Well, it's different convenience, not lost. The idea is that now
> you'll be able to take your xlib_surface and then generate PNG output
> from it with cairo_surface_write_png, (rather than having to create a
> distinct png_surface type in the first place).
>> but also about Cairo apprently not respecting the scale of the output
>> anymore [3] or the image backend is missing some appropriate DPI 
>> default.
> [...]
>> [3] http://hans.breuer.org/dia/render-test-shaked-up.png
> I'm not sure what that image is supposed to look like, but I did just
> fix a bug with cairo_show_surface in which the data was being
> translated to the wrong place, (resulting in the display of garbage
> memory). You might give the latest in CVS a try and see if it's any
> better. Otherwise, let me know more specifically what's going wrong.
Just tested with current cvs and the defect is still the same. It seems
as if cairo_scale(about 20x) does not have an effect at all.
The broken and right output (generated with a prevoius version)
are at http://hans.breuer.org/dia/dia-cairo-broken.htm


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