[cairo] Implementing GUI with Cairo

Jared Thirsk jthirsk at shaw.ca
Sun Apr 17 14:49:32 PDT 2005

On a related note, FYI, I'm planning on making a GUI with Cairo as 
well.  I haven't planned too much yet, but the concept is to make a 
general purpose MindManager-like (a professional mindmapping 
software) interface with a 3D backend.  (I love MindManager, but 
Minority Report's GUI lends a little inspiration too.)

I intend to use Ogre as a backend (www.ogre3d.org), which is a premier 
open-source graphics engine supporting both DirectX and OpenGL in 
Win32/Linux(and I think OSX).  I know about Glitz, but I'm planning 
on using this to develop games using Ogre and also act as an in-game 

I have also partially ported GTK+'s GDK to Ogre, but with Cairo, and 
my mindmapping GUI ideas, I don't know whether GTK will play a role 
in my master plans.  (...which are ambitious and maybe insane, but 
probably no more insane than making a hobby OS ;-). )

Keep up the good work on Cairo!


On 17 April 2005 15:11, Jonathan Roewen wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm making a hobby OS, and I've successfully got cairo working in
> my small kernel, and am now ready to tackle building a GUI based on
> the cairo graphics library.
> The aim is to have a completely vector-graphics based GUI, and I'm
> wondering how to best achieve this with the cairo graphics library.
> My current idea is to have a separate cairo_t object for each
> layer, all sharing the same surface. However, one of the few
> problems I'm having is figuring out how to change properties of
> graphics already drawn.
> For instance: changing the colours of a button for a depressed
> state, and moving a window around.
> The other problem is I'm not sure on the proper way to make cairo
> redraw [parts of] the image(s).
> Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
> Jonathan
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