[cairo] Implementing GUI with Cairo

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Mon Apr 18 06:44:14 PDT 2005

>I'm making a hobby OS, and I've successfully got cairo working in my
>small kernel, and am now ready to tackle building a GUI based on the
>cairo graphics library.

I have a working GUI which I've made using Cairo/SVG, and the way I 
approach this is to reference individual SVG objects as my GUI 

For example, I have an SVG object with the id="Window", and within 
this object are all the bits and pieces which describe the Window.  I 
have separate accessor functions which change the attributes of this 
object according to my need, by directly manipulating the SVG DOM ..

Its exciting, actually, to have a fully-SVG GUI on my app!  Themes 
are so easily made!!  New Controls -> Just paint them, make sure they 
have the right ID's set, and oila!




Jay Vaughan

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