[cairo] Cairo dies after drawing a few rectangles...

Jonathan Roewen jonathan.roewen at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 03:27:33 PDT 2005

Maybe my implementation is a little naive, but I'm running into a
small problem with cairo and implementing a GUI on top of it.

For now, I'm rendering straight to the video buffer through a cairo
[image] surface. Anyways, after drawing a shape a dozen times, it just
dies. There's a noticable delay on the last redraw or two where it's
slows down a lot.

Anyways, my basic test case is something like:

let test_event () =
	if !focus then
		button_unfocused ()
		button_focused ();
	focus := not !focus;
	(* heh, need to do redraw =) *)
	draw button

let draw_shape shape fill stroke =
	let cr = CairoGraphics.screen () in
	Cairo.save cr;
	Cairo.new_path cr;
	begin match shape with
	| Rectangle (x,y,w,h) ->
		Cairo.rectangle cr (float x) (float y) (float w) (float h)

Now I know some of the code is missing, but basically 'draw' calls
'draw_shape' fairly directly. The rest of the code then fills the
shape, then strokes it. It's all fairly trivial stuff.

All button_focused() does is change some variables for stroking the
outline of the rectangle button (just the colour).

Anyways, I have the test_event hooked up to key presses, so each key
press, it changes state of my button graphic. Now, from above, all I
do is draw a new rectangle, fill it, and stroke it. So, can someone
please explain why cairo seems to have trouble dealing with what would
otherwise seem quite straightforward, innocent code.


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