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Mon Aug 15 11:10:41 PDT 2005

of other ways to name the two points comprising the box,
(llx,lly,urx,ury), (left,top,right,bottom), etc. Direction-based names
like these can cause confusion both in internal cairo and user-level
code where there can be multiple coordinate spaces involved that
potentially reverse directions. So, if we do go for the two-point
box, I would prefer the direction-agnostic min/max names.

One thing I want to do before finalizing the names is to find and fix
the current reflection bug as seen in cairo-demo/png/text.c. It would
be quite interesting if some portion of the bug is due to name

 > and for many fonts the values are often quite close, making it possible to 
 > commit errors that don't show up in early testing.

Sure, but even if I know what the names mean, I can still get confused
as to which to use. For example, if my SVG file says
text-anchor="middle", should I adjust the origin by x_advance/2.0 or
width/2.0? I honestly don't know.


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