[cairo] Planet Cairo

MenTaLguY mental at rydia.net
Mon Aug 8 21:48:25 PDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-08-08 at 12:42 +1200, Piotr Zurek wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Just a loose proposal. I am sure that a lot of You - Cairo people keep
> blogs. How about creating Cairo Planet? It would allow Cairo to get a
> little more visible. Right now everyone seems to have heard of it but
> not many people have a clear image of what Cairo does etc.
> I will be happy to help in any possible way.

I can attest that having a Planet setup has been a nice thing for
Inkscape.  Not necessarily for publicity, but it's nice for getting
marginal developers more aware of what's happening and potentially more

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