[cairo] Cairo versus OpenVG, any feature comparision available ?

Bill Spitzak spitzak at d2.com
Tue Aug 9 12:15:23 PDT 2005

Never heard of OpenVG before, perhaps they are not advertising enough.
URL: http://www.khronos.org/openvg/

A quick skim through the header files shows that there is no support 
(not even XRender style) for text or fonts. It also lacks some of the 
compositing operations, but that is probably of little importance. 
Otherwise it looks very close to Cairo.

Conversely OpenVG does have support for perspective transforms of 
images, an important graphics function that is missing from Cairo.

I would think OpenVG would at least make it much easier to implement a 
Cairo backend similar to glitz? I also think Cairo had better add some 
way to do perspective transforms of the source surface so that it is 
possible to emulate OpenVG (and OpenGL) using Cairo.

Stephane LOEUILLET wrote:
> Hello,
> with cairo approching 1.0 release and OpenVG specs just released (in
> July in fact), it looks at first sight that both API have a same goal :
>  hardware accelerated 2D graphics.

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