[cairo] About YUV2RGB converstion

Stephane LOEUILLET news at leroutier.net
Wed Aug 10 10:37:26 PDT 2005


> Translating extensions from GLX to EGL is pretty trivial.  Also, remember that 
> there are two kinds of extensions, GL and GLX.  GL_OML_subsample (which you 
> mention below) is a GL extension, so it can be trivially supported on both 
> GLX and EGL stacks.  GLX_OML_swap_method would need to be rewritten as an EGL 
> extension (EGL_OML_swap_method, eg), but that's mostly a sed script and some 
> section renumbering.

Speaking about those GL/GLX extensions, looks like MESA implements some
of them : (at least partially)
GLX_OML_swap_method (related to GLX_SGI_swap_control ?!)
GLX_OML_sync_control (related to GLX_SGI_video_sync ?!)

Anyway, it doesn't really mater as IHVs like nvidia and ATI only provide
OpenGL+GLX stacks with linux drivers and no OpenVG/EGL/OpenGS-ES (but in
their SDK, mainly for handled)

I'll stop here with all that Khronos Group related non-sense



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