[cairo] Inverting the Y-axis

Carl Worth cworth at redhat.com
Wed Aug 10 10:11:07 PDT 2005

On Wed, 10 Aug 2005 13:03:19 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > however this causes text to be displayed upside down.
> You can call cairo_set_font_matrix() if you are using the
> toy API. No way to invert the axes if you are using Pango,
> I'm afraid... the Pango rendering code all assumes that
> text lines are ordered in order of increasing Y.

The restriction is just in pango though, right?

It would still work to use cairo_set_font_matrix to invert glyphs
along with the non-toy cairo_ft_font_face_create_for_pattern and
cairo_show_glyphs, wouldn't it?

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