[cairo] cairo (0.9.2) devhelp book needs a title

Stephane LOEUILLET news at leroutier.net
Sat Aug 13 08:17:07 PDT 2005


opening devhelp, i saw an empty named entry before ATK
clicking on it, i saw it was cairo.

in the .devhelp file, which is a generated file, we've got :
<book xmlns="http://www.devhelp.net/book" title="" link="index.html"
author="" name="cairo">

The main problem here being title="" (author="" being another)

I suppose it should be changed in public/cairo-docs.xml (trying to add a
<bookinfo> element after the <book ...>)

example from glib-2.8.0 glib docs :

<book id="....." ...>
    <title>GLib Reference Manual</title>
    <releaseinfo>for GLib &version;</releaseinfo>

suggested title : "Cairo: A Vector Graphics Library"



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