[cairo] [win32] Binaries?

Daniel K. O. danielosmari at yahoo.com.br
Mon Aug 15 14:40:06 PDT 2005

Boris Popov wrote:

> If you know where to get the latest win32 binaries, that'd be great.

Tor made a binary for cairo 0.6 available here:
But unless you just want to use it with WinXP (and maybe 2k too), better 
wait a bit. The text rendering still doesn't work with Win98/ME.
(I'm currently hacking a "fallback" win32 backend to handle text on 
Win98/ME, that I hope to get ready soon and submit as a patch)

> If you have instructions on how to compile them myself, that'd be 
> great also, I could consider assuming some kind of maintenance role 
> from there on.

Here I just got the sources from the CVS, typed ./autogen.sh (in MSYS), 
then make. Other than some minor library issues (seems that you can't 
change -lpthread to -lpthreadGC2 for some parts without editing the 
Makefile by hand), everything went fine.

Daniel K. O.

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