[cairo] Docs

Russell Shaw rjshaw at netspace.net.au
Mon Aug 15 19:42:53 PDT 2005

Russell Shaw wrote:
> Owen Taylor wrote:
>> On Mon, 2005-08-15 at 01:32 +1000, Russell Shaw wrote:
>>>> $ touch ../../src/cairo.c
>>>> $ make
>>> I assume that touch was done in cairo/doc/public ?
>>> If so, the doc build should happen whenever a .c file
>>> is changed as demonstrated. The point is that the doc
>>> build will not happen when running make from within cairo/src,
>>> thus not impacting normal development times.
>> I don't understand what you are trying to fix. Right now,
>> everything seems to work exactly as it should work in the
>> best of all possible worlds.
> I *know* you don't use devhelp, because the build was broken.

Not totally tho, it's just that one file fails to build because
it has "&" that confuses gtk-doc.

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