[cairo] Making cairo_error weak

MenTaLguY mental at rydia.net
Wed Aug 17 16:39:06 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-08-17 at 15:10 -0700, Keith Packard wrote:
> If you want to get very fancy, we could easily reconstruct the call
> history...

As far as I can tell the options are pretty much that, or turning all
the cairo API calls into macro wrappers that introduce additional
__FUNCTION__/__LINE__ arguments.  Any others?

The boehm collector does __FUNCTION__-and-__LINE__-as-arguments bit, but
that has proved rather useless to Inkscape, since we have a C++ wrapper
around its API.  I suspect we're a bit of an unusual customer though.

However, Cairo is much more likely to get wrapped than libgc, so I'd
suggest the pass-__FUNCTION__-as-an-argument approach has even less
utility for Cairo...

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