[cairo] [win32] Binaries?

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu Aug 18 00:18:08 PDT 2005

Boris Popov writes:
 > I finally got around to trying your dlls and I have a silly
 > question for you. Trying to call cairo_image_surface_create fails,

In what way? At link time, or at run time? Using what
language/compiler, with what settings that might be relevant?

 > however looking at the dll's exported functions I see a bunch with
 > 'cairo_pixman'

Actually those functions have names that begin with an
underscore. That means they are internal to cairo, not part of the
API. They are visible in the DLL only because of technical
reasons. (If a .def file would be used when building the DLL, they
wouldn't be visible.)

 > instead including the cairo_pixman_image_surface_create.

No, there is no such entry point exported from the DLL. Look
closer. There is _cairo_pixman_image_create, for instance, but you
really shouldn't care, or try to use it, as it is internal to cairo.


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