[cairo] Bug triage analysis

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Fri Aug 19 14:58:52 PDT 2005

I went a pass through the bugs open in bugzilla. The 15 bugs above the
line are the ones I consider that it might be reasonable to work on
fixing between 1.0.

Below the line is stuff that for one reason or the other will have to
wait to later, isn't a bug in Cairo itself, etc.

I've also included stuff that I closed while making the list, or that
other people fixed while I was making the list to give a sense of 


Big stuff in progess
2694 	cairo_text_extents fails to do caching
  Part of what Keith is working on

Small easy fixes
4137 	cairo_rectangle() introduces rounding error
  I think this is a couple of different things, but not hard

Less easy fixes we can probably do
2488 	Rotating image 180� offsets it by 1 pixel
3927 	Bogus metrics reported for glyph not available
  There's a patch but needs investigation
4106 	cairo_surface_create_similar may lose font_options
4120 	cairo doesn't build on solaris
4135    Cairo Xlib backend fails when the path contains too many ...
  The hard part is figuring out when we overflow. One possbility would 
  be to just switch to AddTraps when  available, then fix Xlib to split.
4140    clipping broken in image backend on powerpc

Patches that should be applied
3893 	Inline fixed point operations
3926 	True dynamic linking of AlphaBlend
  Multiple versions, needs some investigation to figure which one is
4068 	Cairo's detection of Vendor String in Xorg is incorrect
4142    multiple test SEGVs because of NULL return from XRenderFi...

Approved patches waiting to be committed
4096 	Speedup png reading

Trivial build fixes
3402 	Cairo should support non-srcdir builds
3593 	The build-env isn't enforcing the correct version of auto...
   Apparently what I said about AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS is wrong, but pretty 
   simple to fix in autogen.sh.

Possible performance enhancements
2713 	Better encoding of string positioning
2937 	PDF backend renders glyph images


Bugs not so easy or important to fix, probably future stuff
2343 	Extreme scaling of dashed line takes a long time
2379 	Rounding when calling backend functions
  maybe 'sparse' might be a good tool to look at this - somehow we need 
  to catch fixed_point to integer transitions and make sure that we are 
  doing the right thing. The particular issue mentioned in the bug
  is I think fixed.
2675 	SIGFPE in _cairo_fixed_from_double
3018 	Strange results from tesellating a rectangle
3753 	Stroked circle results in a spike with PDF backend

Future build tweaks
2798 	cvs files modified by make'ing cairo
  Blocking on gtk-doc work
3661 	Use "Requires.private" in cairo.pc
  Not too hard if we want to add the .la hacks, but probably better to
  adding too much fragile magic right before the release. Sane people
  against packages. Sane packagers delete .la files.

Future internals modifications
3752 	cairo_stroke should go through backend_surface->fill_path

Future API additions
2765 	How do we identify surface types?

Hard to diagnose problems ocurring for only one person
3909 	X error received while running gnome-about

Not Cairo bugs
3117 	Glitz not checking for usable GL texture size
4020 	fix cairo-ocaml for cairo-0.6 API changes
4030 	Crash with cairo CVS
4081 	updating cairo-demo/path_paint with gtk's native cairo

Closed as already fixed
2757 	Row vectors vs. column vectors

Fixed (by various people) while making list
2298 	fontconfig shouldn't AC_MSG_ERROR on old freetype
2333 	patterns not working with cairo_show_text
2729 	Negative dash offsets
2938 	Size zero font badness
3851 	Calling cairo_image_surface_get_width/height() on the wro...
3915 	cairo_pattern_create_for_surface should catch surface == ...
4086 	cairo_ps_surface_set_dpi not implemented but appears in t...
4088 	Crash in _cairo_image_surface_set_attributes on nil surfa...
4094 	_cairo_pattern_set_error tries to write to read-only memory

4097 	autogen.sh doesn't check for aclocal/automake usefully

2246   	cairo and XFree86 4.2.1 across SSH
2742 	cairo_clip() segfaults on bad width/height params
   Unclear what was going on or even if it was a Cairo problem. Asked
   reporter for a fresh backtrace with current versions.
2949 	x86_64 cairo tests FAIL: on 9 of 15 tests
3947 	Crash: Assertion about cairo status failed

3984 	cairo_xlib_surface_create_with_xrender_format ()
4108 	make check: 19 out of 50 tests failed (xlib backend)

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