[cairo] GTK Cairo Widgets?

Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro gjc at inescporto.pt
Sun Aug 21 15:20:00 PDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-08-20 at 22:36 -0400, Chris Spencer wrote:
> I've been looking at the pycairo gtk examples, and they're impressive, 
> but there doesn't seem to be any examples of interactive widgets. How 
> feasible would it be to say, draw a circle and attach an event handler 
> that would be called when the user clicks inside the circle, which would 
> then change the color of the circle?

  I'm afraid not.  The next logical step will be to create gtk cairo
canvas.  There have been some discussions in gtk-devel list, but it
doesn't exist yet.

  There exists a CANVAS project [1] that uses cairo + svg model, but
somehow I get the feeling it has only been tested in win32 environments
yet, though I could be wrong.


[1] http://networkimprov.net/airwrx/awscene.html

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