[cairo] Reworking text handling

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Mon Aug 22 16:41:19 PDT 2005

I've only looked through the cairoint.h changes, but they look good to
me... really no comments other than:

+typedef enum _cairo_scaled_glyph_shape {
+    cairo_scaled_glyph_shape_none = 0,
+    cairo_scaled_glyph_shape_surface = 1,
+    cairo_scaled_glyph_shape_path = 2,
+    cairo_scaled_glyph_shape_surface_and_path = 3,
+} cairo_scaled_glyph_shape_t;

Doesn't seem to conform to Cairo style with upper case enumeration
values (and why specify the numeric values?). You could also
use a bitfield here of course.

    (*scaled_glyph_init)       (void                        *scaled_font,
                                cairo_scaled_glyph_t        *scaled_glyph,
                                cairo_scaled_glyph_shape_t   shapes);

    (*scaled_glyph_ensure_shape)(void                       *scaled_font,
                                cairo_scaled_glyph_t        *scaled_glyph,
                                cairo_scaled_glyph_shape_t   shapes);

I don't really understand the relationship between these two - what
does init() do? If we need a separate init(), wouldn't it be cleaner
to omit 'shapes' from it and just init() then ensure_shape()?


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