[cairo] Re: pdf encryption, read-write permissions

William Lahti xfurious at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 10:35:28 PDT 2005

I can't speak on whether it's the right time to change the PDF backend API 
because the release API is frozen for 1.0 but it does look like such API 
changes would be necessary to support it. It may work well to just add a few 
more pdf surface functions: cairo_pdf_surface_create_encrypted or such. 

The other concern, which I think is seperate (maybe a typo), is to perform 
what kind of read/write operations to PDFs? Cairo already supports 
read/write access to the PDF output streams with 
cairo_pdf_surface_create_for_stream. You may have to make a few wrapper 
functions to wrap freads/fwrites (the API was abstracted to support other 
kinds of streams).

Perhaps you should elaborate your second topic unless I misunderstand. Which 
I probably do :)

On 8/23/05, chris nuernberger <cnuernber at gmail.com > wrote:
> I would love to use cairo as a rendering backend for a tool that I am
> writing, but we need a few PDF options and I don't know if they are in
> cairo already or what. I searched the archives a bit but must have
> missed the response I am looking for. 
> Specifically, I need to know if cairo supports, plans on supporting,
> or how difficult it would be to add pdf encryption (I know it is
> pathetic but it is a business requirement), as pdf read-write
> permissions. 
> I *really* want to use cairo as I can see it is super powerful, but I
> need these types of options. Please don't just tell me they don't
> exist, give me a couple paths (I code, so I could add them myself if
> necessary) to get them if they don't exist.
> Chris
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