[cairo] Re: Re: cairo c++ bindings

Christof Petig christof at petig-baender.de
Thu Dec 1 07:35:36 PST 2005

chris nuernberger schrieb:
> By the way, who is the lucky bloke who wants to implement this
> minefield of a project?

I think I should give you a hint about who you are discussing with ;-)

Murray Cumming is the maintainer of glibmm, gtkmm (and friends), gnomemm
and clearly has influence on the gdamm and sigc++ project.

He has made wise decisions (IMHO) on the gtkmm project and has proven to
 know template magic and STL interoperability.

I would trust him to design the one true cairomm interface ;-)

Clearly gtkmm is not the most lightweight wrapper but it maps gtk+'s C
style onto a C++ style with STL, multiple inheritance and runtime type
inference * (dynamic_cast)

I always looked towards gtkmm as an example of good class design (better
than mine).


*) I don't know exactly the long name of RTTI

Disclaimer: Yes, I have come to meet M.C. personally and liked him, so
my view is clearly biased.
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