[cairo] Re: libsvg?

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Wed Dec 7 14:17:44 PST 2005

On Wed, 07 Dec 2005 14:09:01 -0800, Boris Popov wrote:
> I'm a bit confused here trying to figure out release/versioning of 
> libsvg and libsvg-cairo. Sources can be found in CVS for each, but it 
> looks like there isn't any formal release procedure for either.

That's correct.

>                                                                 Could 
> someone elaborate on that a bit please as I'm trying to find out what 
> "official" versions of those would be considered production quality for 
> use with any given version of Cairo.

Neither of these libraries has ever been "released".

I created these libraries by hacking up librsvg in order to get some
SVG test cases to go through cairo. I've found the code useful, but I
never wanted to maintain these libraries in any formal sense.

My original goal was to convince the librsvg project to accept the
changes back, but instead librsvg has recently made its own
adaptations to render with cairo (which is just fine).

If somebody else wanted to pick up maintenance of libsvg, that would
be fine, but it would probably make more sense to focus effort on a
single library (librsvg) which already has more features (filters,
markers, and css for example).

What would still be a useful thing to do is to port current uses of
libsvg-cairo over to librsvg to help identify anything that might be
missing/lacking in the way librsvg works with cairo as compared to
libsvg-cairo. I'm sure the librsvg developers would appreciate that as
they are working toward their first release of librsvg with support
for rendering with cairo.

> On a similar note, did anyone build them on Win32?

I'm quite sure that Owen Taylor built them once on win32 in order to
use the cairo-snippets demo to test the original win32 backend. I
think he had to make some ugly hacks to make it work, (I think there
are a couple ugly Linux-isms in libsvg right now).

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