[cairo] Cairo and static linking

John Taber jtaber at johntaber.net
Thu Dec 8 15:49:56 PST 2005

Michael Sweet wrote:
> Thanks for the thorough answer!  It sounds like FLTK's LGPL +
> exceptions and Cairo's MPL licenses will satisfy our embedded and
> commercial users/developers, so we'll move forward on testing to see
> if FLTK + Cairo will work as well as I think it will.

It works pretty well with fltk-2 (in Ubuntu).  I've used it to display 
SVG, though using cairo 1.02 was pretty slow for that, but that might be 
resolved in the newer versions (I think a new Cairo 1.2 is coming soon 
like maybe 12/15 ?)  I did seem to have a problem with the SVG image 
misaligning with the label corners in a group widget (not sure if it was 
fltk2 stuff or cairo interface - I could send you an example if you'd 

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