[cairo] [PATCH]add glitz to cairo testsuit.

Vladimir Vukicevic vladimirv at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 12:51:19 PST 2005

Great patch!  I've been meaning to add in the glitz bits, glad someone
beat me to it :)

I've taken your patch and expanded upon it some; this patch adds a few
more things:

- Adds a glitz-agl target
- Has the glitz-glx target use pbuffers if available, otherwise it'll
continue to use a window

I also went ahead and did the following:

- If the env variable CAIRO_TEST_TARGET is set, the test will only run
on the backend target whose name matches CAIRO_TEST_TARGET's value. 
So, "CAIRO_TEST_TARGET=image make check" will run a make check just on
the image target.

- I added some more output into the .log files that can be
mechanically parsed; the attached make-html.pl script takes *.log and
spits out html that can be used to view all the test results in one
go, with all the images.  The large test images are scaled down (and
the tiny ones scaled up); zooming in the browser (ctrl+ in firefox)
will cause the small images to get closer to real-size for examining
fine features.  This will also make it easier to put the results from
an automated build system up on the web -- I also see the glitz
backend has a number of test failures and incorrect rendering, at
least on OSX.

Carl, is it ok to commit this?

     - Vlad

On 12/9/05, sunmoon1997 <sunmoon1997 at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi,
>  here is a patch adding glitz backend to cairo testsuit, and it also
> bumps required glitz version to 0.5.1.
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