[cairo] [PATCH]add glitz to cairo testsuit.

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Mon Dec 12 06:56:17 PST 2005

On Sun, 11 Dec 2005 12:51:19 -0800, Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:
> I've taken your patch and expanded upon it some; this patch adds a few
> more things:
> - Adds a glitz-agl target
> - Has the glitz-glx target use pbuffers if available, otherwise it'll
> continue to use a window
> I also went ahead and did the following:
> - If the env variable CAIRO_TEST_TARGET is set, the test will only run
> on the backend target whose name matches CAIRO_TEST_TARGET's value. 
> - I added some more output into the .log files that can be
> mechanically parsed; the attached make-html.pl script takes *.log and
> spits out html that can be used to view all the test results in one
> go, with all the images. 
> Carl, is it ok to commit this?

Please! We've needed stuff like that for quite some time.

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