[cairo] make check shows a lot of failures + make dist broken because of test suite

Stéphane LOEUILLET leroutier at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 05:18:28 PST 2005


running "make check" with current CVS of cairo (and glitz 0.5.1
installed), it gives me the following :
"43 of 68 tests failed" which doesn't sound good (43 FAIL/6 XFAIL/19 PASS)

glitz in itself shows 60 FAILs, 7 XFAILS and 51 PASSs
xlib                        24 FAILs, 7 XFAILS and 88 PASSs

in rendertest, glitz passes everything (every test shows ok/supported)

i also see some warnings :

lt-mask: cairo-pdf-surface.c:1272: _cairo_pdf_surface_fill: Assertion
`document->current_stream != ((void *)0) && document->current_stream
== surface->current_stream' failed.

it looks like most glitz failures comes from tests with argb32 format :
*-glitz-glx-argb32:	FAIL/XFAIL/PASS 38/4/17  out of 59 tests
*-glitz-glx-rgb24:       FAIL/XFAIL/PASS 22/3/34  out of 59 tests
*-xlib-argb32:           FAIL/XFAIL/PASS 12/4/43 ...
*-xlib-rgb24:             FAIL/XFAIL/PASS 12/3/44 ...
*-image-argb32:       9/5/45
*-image-rgb24:         9/4/46

installed glitz is 0.5.1 (tarball done via CVS + "make dist")
installed cairo is 1.0.2 (as "make dist" doesn't work for/in cairo CVS)

so, is that glitz fault or is that a problem with the test suite ?

Is glitz still considered experimental / API not freezed at all ? (are
there big changes expected after 0.5.x ?)

Thanks for any answer


Stéphane Loeuillet


PS : for the "make dist" problem :

make[1]: Entering directory `/home/leroutier/TEST/cairo-cvs/cairo/test'
make[1]: *** Pas de règle pour fabriquer la cible «
caps-joins-ps-rgb24-ref.png », nécessaire pour « distdir ». Arrêt.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/leroutier/TEST/cairo-cvs/cairo/test'

so, it looks like it stops while trying to package something in the testsuite

i've got only one "-ref" file : ./test/caps-joins-rgb24-ref.png (not
ps specific)


so,  guess either the file has not been commited or the
test/Makefile.am (near line 94) is wrong

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