[cairo] compile errors

Stephen Bloch sbloch at adelphi.edu
Fri Jul 22 09:16:35 PDT 2005

There are enough posts in the archives about using cairo that people 
have presumably gotten it to compile... but I can't see how.  I've 
downloaded versions 0.5.2, 0.5.1, and 0.4.0, and they all had what 
looked to me like real live compiler errors:

version 0.4.0 has a function named _cairo_unscaled_font_init that 
sets two variables and doesn't return anything, so it's appropriately 
declared void, but there are at least two occurrences of the code
	if (_cairo_unscaled_font_init(...) == CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS) ...

version 0.5.1 refers to the fields "repeat" and "matrix" of the 
"base" field of a cairo_quartz_surface_t, whose "base" field is a 
_cairo_surface struct, which has no fields named "repeat" and 

version 0.5.2 refers to the "y_ppem" field of an entry in the 
"available_sizes" field of the "face" field of an ft_unscaled_font_t. 
The "face" field of an ft_unscaled_font_t is an FT_Face, for which I 
can't find a declaration, but the compiler insists that there is no 
"y_ppem" field.

These don't seem to be "picky details"; if I were the compiler, I 
would have no idea what code to generate in any of these cases.  What 
am I missing?

BTW, I'm running on MacOS X 10.4.2.  Also BTW, I have no idea what 
cairo is supposed to do; I downloaded it because GTK+ claims to need 
					Stephen Bloch
					sbloch at adelphi.edu

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