[cairo] problems with autogen.sh

Martin Dobias won.der at centrum.sk
Sun Jul 24 08:21:17 PDT 2005


I checked out cairo from CVS, tried to compile, but i've a problem: I
have set LC_ALL="slovak" (slovak locale uses comma as decimal point).
When I run ./autogen.sh it complains about old version of autoconf (2.54
is needed, I have 2.59). I've found out that this problem lies in that
setting LC_NUMERIC=C isn't enough, because LC_ALL overrides it. So when
I run my awk (GNU Awk 3.1.3 - from my gentoo):
echo 2.59 | LC_NUMERIC=C awk 'NR==1 { print ( $NF >= 2.54 ) }'
- returns 0
echo 2.59 | LC_ALL=C awk 'NR==1 { print ( $NF >= 2.54 ) }'
- returns 1

Setting LC_ALL=C in autogen.sh solves my issue. Please fix it because
probably I'm not the only one who encounters this problem.

Martin Dobias

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