[cairo] SVG backend patch

Emmanuel Pacaud emmanuel.pacaud at univ-poitiers.fr
Mon Jul 25 14:33:34 PDT 2005

Le lundi 25 juillet 2005 à 14:09 -0700, Bryce Harrington a écrit :
> On Mon, Jul 25, 2005 at 09:42:08PM +0200, Emmanuel Pacaud wrote:

> > Please find attached a path that could be the beginning of a SVG backend
> > for cairo.

> What are your plans for this going forward? 

A couple of weeks ago, I've implemented a cairo based renderer for the
graphing engine of gnumeric (goffice module on cvs.gnome.org). We have
currently 3 other renderers: libart for on screen display and image
export, SVG for export and gnome-print for printing.

My wish would be to replace the last 3 one by only one cairo renderer.

Hence this start of an SVG backend for cairo.

I'm certainly planning to continue to work on this backend, but I really
don't know how much time I'll spend on it.


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