[cairo] GPU accelerated tessalation

c.mench at free.fr c.mench at free.fr
Thu Jul 28 01:42:19 PDT 2005

Hello all,

  i just wanted to point out a research work that could
be the next step after cairo1 + Glitz.

  Here it is presented a way to not just only GPU accelerate
the rasterisation but also the tessalation of the vector


"This paper presents VTMs (Vector Texture Maps), a novel representation of
vector images that can be used as a texture by the GPU for real-time rendering.
A VTM decomposes texture space into different regions, represented in an
analytic way, by a set of implicit degree 3 polynomials. Each region can be
rendered by a different fragment shading function. Accurate anti-aliasing is
performed in real-time, based on an estimate of fragment coverage. As a
consequence, infinite zooming can be applied without any pixel discretization
artifact. Based on a hierarchical data structure, our representation has low
memory requirements. Its versatility is demonstrated in various settings,
including a font engine completely implemented in the GPU."

what do you think of it?

   thanks for reading

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