[cairo] patch for the out-of-the-source-tree builds of cairo

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Thu Jun 9 07:23:56 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-01 at 19:17 -0400, Tomasz Cholewo wrote:
> Building cairo in a directory separate from the source fails because the
> generated header cairo-features.h is not on any include path when
> compiling files in the cairo/test subdirectory.  The attached proposed
> patch adds $(top_builddir)/src to the header search path.  I also attach
> a make log showing the error.

Thanks, I've applied the change.


2005-06-09  Owen Taylor  <otaylor at redhat.com>

        * test/Makefile.am (INCLUDES): Add
        -I$(top_builddir)/src for cairo-features.h (Tomasz Cholewo)

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