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Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Fri Jun 10 12:38:30 PDT 2005

On Fri, 10 Jun 2005 15:26:02 -0400,  wrote:
> Does anyone remember the star-and-ring example I posted to the
> mailing list as part of the earlier FSAA discussion?  It represents
> a worst-case scenario for this sort of thing.

I certainly do. Examples like this are the reason I qualified my
description of what one can achieve with CAIRO_OPERATOR_SATURATE:

	This won't be entirely general as it will only work if all objects
	have a uniform Z value, (but I assume all mozilla objects have that

With the star-and-ring example, there are two objects that are woven
together such that each object obscures the other at different
points. Because of this, each object does not have a uniform Z value
that can be used to correctly sort the objects.

Scenes in which each object does lie entirely within a single Z plane
are sometimes referred to as 2.5D, (ie. between 2D and 3D).

The CAIRO_OPERATOR_SATURATE approach should give us a very
accelerate-able way of handling 2.5D scenes.

For things like the star-and-ring example, I think we'll want to do
some sort of FSAA.

And for mozilla, I am making the assumption that most of its rendering
will be 2.5D, (at least everything other than SVG must be 2.5D,

> I can re-post it if you would like.

It looks like the  archives have held on to it in a reasonable form:


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