[cairo] [PATCH 1] libpixman renaming: s/pixman_bits_t/FbBits/g

Jeff Muizelaar jeff at infidigm.net
Tue Jun 21 16:43:33 PDT 2005

On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 07:42:18PM -0400, Jeff Muizelaar wrote:
> This is the first of a series of patches that will rename things in
> libpixman so they more closely match xserver/fb. 
> This patch does s/pixman_bits_t/FbBits/g as well as 
> s/#include "icint.h"/#include "pixman-xserver-compat.h"/g to make the
> FbBits type available.

Note: this is on top of the previous patches I sent but needs to be
appleid with -p1 instead of -p0.


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