[cairo] Scrolling/Copying

Linuxhippy linuxhippy at web.de
Thu Jun 23 09:52:53 PDT 2005

I am sorry for trolling arround, but reading this statement I can't keep 

>Currently, the answer I give to "What's the fastest way to do foo in
>cairo?" is that that's not the right question to ask. Instead, you
>should just write your code in whatever way seems most natural, and
>then let us know if things aren't as fast as you expect, so we can fix
Fast enough as Gtk2 which completly sucks in terms performance 
(partially related to Pango) or memory-saving enough as gnome which 
saves the background-image 3 times in ram.
I completly disagree with this philosophy, current programs eat up cpu 
and memory for simple operations that was done 10years before at the 
same speed (just better optimized) - and especially a graphics-library 
should be as fast as possible under almost any situiation (espacially if 
many programs plan to completly rely on it as backend!).

However, great work done so far, don't bother about me ;-)

lg Clemens

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