[cairo] glitz WGL backend

Vladimir Vukicevic vladimirv at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 21:11:13 PDT 2005


Tor Lillqvist passed me a copy of the glitz wgl backend that he did
last November; I've updated it to be compatible with current CVS glitz
and added a wgl rendertest driver.  There were fairly few changes from
Tor's code, mainly implementing the added backend context management

Attached is a patch to glitz that sets the build up for the wgl
backend; the most annoying part of this is the introduction of
GLITZ_GL_API_ATTRIBUTE in glitz_gl.h to set up the symbols to have the
stdcall calling convention on win32, but that can't be avoided.  This
patch also adds a .def file for glitz and glitz-wgl -- is there any
convention on how to define exported symbols with glitz/cairo?  I know
a while back there was some discussion about this, but I don't think
any agreement was reached.  It's a bit easier for glitz, since the set
of exported symbols is static.

The tarball contains the contents of the glitz/src/wgl directory, and
the patch to rendertest adds a new glitz_wgl rendertest target.

    - Vlad
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