[cairo] Re: Cairographics on win32

Jacob Lister jacob at keystoneframework.org
Wed Mar 9 01:02:10 PST 2005


Thanks for your help.  Without too much struggle I was able to get 
Cairographics building in MSVC and the snippets up and running.  
I was also able to build without Freetype or libpng, I'm happy about 
this and may try building with these later to get the whole functionality

I had a few issues during the build process:
* got a working stdint.h, config.h without too much drama.  Needs a native 64 bit integer type and some code in 
  cairographics assumes it can do math on a 64 bit integer directly
* need to edit 'cairo-features.h' to something sensible
* Only include .c files in project relivant to win32 of course
* need to with msimg32.lib to get AlphaBlend() in win32 API.  Limits cairographics to Win2k, Win98 +, 
  but I don't see too much of an issue there.

Is the cairographics source structure fairly stable?  If so I'm hoping I can keep the MSVCprojects I've done and continue
to get source updates for cairographics.

Are there any plans to make the cairographics build process for MSVC a little smoother?



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