[cairo] Planning for a cairo 1.0 release

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Wed May 4 08:15:40 PDT 2005

Thanks to everyone during the last couple months of API churn. It's
almost over, and I though I'd give a quick update on what we have to
look forward to.

My plan right now is to put together the new cairo_create functions,
(that eliminate cairo_set_target_surface), and try to commit this (and
the rest of today's patches) by the end of the day. With that, I think
we'll have the bulk of the API shakeup changes finished, (there will
be a few minor things left). That should let us push out a new 0.5
snapshot (end of this week?) and encourage everyone to port their code
to the new API.

From there, we should continue working on the remaining proposed API
additions, (cairo_begin_group, cairo_meta_surface_t, etc.), in
preparation for a cairo 1.0 API freeze.

After that, hopefully we'll just have some performance work left
before 1.0 is really ready.

The plan above is also covered to some extent in cairo/ROADMAP ---
I'll keep that updated as things land.

This is a fun time, and it's great to have so much help with all of
this. And we're definitely at a "speak now or forever hold your peace"
point for API issues, so let us know, (check cairo/TODO first to see
what's already planned).

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