[cairo] show_surface not showing my surface

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Mon May 9 14:50:14 PDT 2005

On Tue, 3 May 2005 18:29:22 +1200, Jonathan Roewen wrote:
> Then, I draw into the layer like normal.... and then I want to render
> a whole bunch of layers in one go to my primary cairo_t object.
> Something like:
> cairo_show_surface cairo (cairo_current_target_surface (layer.cr))
> layer.w layer.h;
> where cairo is the primary surface.


Did you get this problem worked out? Your message was too vague on
details for me to attempt replicating the problem. And a call like the
above looks just fine.

So, I think we'll need a minimal test case to demonstrate the bug
before we can look closer at it, (either C or python would be fine ---
particularly since there's the possibility that the bug is in the
python layer).

Of course, the API in this area has changed a bit since, (we now have
cairo_set_source_surface and cairo_paint to take the place of
cairo_show_surface). So, an update test case, (if the bug persists),
will be much more useful that something against 0.4.0. You could do
that against the current CVS stuff or wait until the 0.5 snapshot as
you think best.

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