[cairo] Is there a usable libsvg-cairo?

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Wed May 11 05:16:26 PDT 2005

>I just want to use libsvg-cairo to render SVG into cairo_surface, but
>the libsvg-cairo can not pass compilation. I think the code of libsvg-
>cairo is out-dated because the rapid change of cairo API. Can I get some
>older version of cairo to let the current libsvg-cairo work correctly?

i've been using  libsvg-cairo version 0.1.4 for a while now, and am 
waaay behind the cairo updates.  since my primary concern is 
rendering SVG files through cairo to SDL framebuffers, i'm also quite 
reluctant to leave this lib setup for now, also ..

so if anyone has any opinion on the status of cairo with regards to 
libsvg usage, it'd be great to hear an update.  last i paid any 
attention to the matter, there was still some sort of decision being 
made about merging libsvg with the librsvg, but thats always been a 
confusing path for me, and .. well .. with working code in front of 
me, its hard to justify the shift.  yet.



Jay Vaughan

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