[cairo] State of Win32 backend?

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu May 12 01:10:31 PDT 2005

Owen Taylor writes:
 > I've committed your patch now, with some extra cleanups that were
 > needed for the const matrix changes earlier this week and a
 > bug fix or two.

Thanks! I don't know if it was the "bug fix or two" or the
fill-rectangle optimization that did it, but now I don't any longer
notice any update glitches in HEAD gtk-demo. (Previously, in
cairo-using GTK+ HEAD on Win32, I used to get black areas here and
there all over the place.) Even GIMP mostly works with HEAD GTK+ on
Win32 now. (The stuff that doesn't work is because of some hacks not
related to cairo that I'm testing.)


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