[cairo] MOZ-SVG-cairo (was: usable libsvg-cairo?)

mental at rydia.net mental at rydia.net
Thu May 12 10:38:28 PDT 2005

Quoting Liam Breck <svg at networkimprov.net>:

> Considering the progress on Mozilla SVG, we're looking at pulling
> the Mozilla SVG cairo backend into a standalone library, wrapped
> use outside Mozilla. It wouldn't parse the XML, but it would let
> use any parser or content model to drive rendering.
> We need this (or something similar) for SVGTerm, a mechanism that
> continually updates an SVG scene on one or more remote screens.
> (Embedding Gecko would be overkill for this app.)
> Is this something that others would like to have?

Yes, it would lower the barrier-to-entry to writing any SVG-based
application considerably.


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