[cairo] xlib re-re-re implementing the API

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon May 16 23:58:11 PDT 2005

For a header with two function declarations, we've sure got a lot to

here's a patch which provides the following API:


cairo_surface_t *
cairo_xlib_surface_create (Display     *dpy,
                           Drawable     drawable,
                           Visual      *visual,
                           int          width,
                           int          height);

cairo_surface_t *
cairo_xlib_surface_create_for_bitmap (Display  *dpy,
                                      Pixmap    bitmap,
                                      int       width,
                                      int       height);

cairo_xlib_surface_set_size (cairo_surface_t *surface,
                             int              width,
                             int              height);


cairo_surface_t *
cairo_xlib_surface_create_with_xrender_format (Display              *dpy,
                                               Drawable             drawable,
                                               XRenderPictFormat    *format,
                                               int                  width,
                                               int                  height);

I think this is the minimal API which provides the complete set of
useful functionality.


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