[cairo] SVG scene lib (was: MOZ-SVG-cairo)

Chris fltk at functionalfuture.com
Sun May 22 12:04:00 PDT 2005

On Sun, 2005-05-15 at 15:47 -0400, Liam Breck wrote:
> Proposed: An SVG Scene (aka canvas) Library for Cairo
> Feedback requested!

Good idea!


> Provide API to identify SVG object & group at xy, i.e. for hit-testing

I would love to have something like this right now.  I used Cairo to add
SVG support to FLTK* and ever since I have been wanting to make a full
blown application using SVG to to define the whole UI.  If I could query
the SVG document and get coordinates of various elements I could then
create FLTK widgets to handle events.  This would allow me to have a
simple GUI defined fully by one SVG image.

* http://imago.functionalfuture.com

// Chris

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