[cairo] Re: Munging header files for export (and other) attributes

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu Sep 1 10:33:56 PDT 2005

On Wed, 31 Aug 2005 12:28:02 -0700, Stuart Parmenter wrote:
> Getting sed to actually run on all parties in all build systems
> everywhere I don't think is feasable.
> Without dropping libtool and writing your own system, I don't think
> you're going to have much success here.  Even if you did that though,
> I would expect some people to want to build cairo outside of that
> system. 
> def files are a bad solution for us.  We would need them for every
> compiler and platform that we support.  We build with visibility
> hidden by default on gcc (when available), so none of the symbols get
> exported for us on Linux either.  Marking them in cairo.h solves this
> problem for us on _all_ platforms, doesn't require _any_ build system
> hacks which we have to keep in sync between the mounting number of
> different build solutions, and actually tells people reading cairo.h
> that stuff is exported from the library and how.  I see these things
> as huge wins and to me they drastically overshadow a "want to keep the
> header clean" argument.

All good points, Stuart. It looks like time for me to concede on this
battle. More elsewhere in the thread...

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