[cairo] Once again... VS.NET

Hans Breuer hans at breuer.org
Mon Sep 5 14:35:16 PDT 2005

On 05.09.2005 10:20, Salevsky, Sascha wrote:
> Maybe this help others building under VS.NET....
> You need some stdint.h file. Paul Hsieh has a nice one:
> http://www.azillionmonkeys.com/qed/stdint.h
With my recent patch the requirement of stdint.h would be gone
for pixman. It is already gone for cairo since quite some time.


> Maybe this can be included with the distribution?
> Don't know about the license...

> Another word on pixman. The mmx-path is a bit to tightly
> coupled to gcc imho. For instance VS.NET don't
> understand the __include__ keyword. Maybe a little
> bit more define-magic is needed here. The
> detectCPUFeatures() is also gcc inline assembly...
You are not supposed to (dont need to) build this file when
building with an incompatible inline assembler. AFAIK there
is much more 'wrong' in that file than just the __inline__

> Building the auxilary libraries like freetype, libpng, and
> zlib is no problem, as they come along with some nice
> project files.
> Would be nice to have an out-of-the-box build in the
> next distribution. We don't need project files strictly,
> as VS.NET comes with nmake... nmake compatible
> makefiles could be a possible solution. Maybe adding
> some little batchfiles that first run vcvars32.bat and then
> nmake would be enough.
Again see the other thread :

> The world is not all gcc :-D
I know.


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