[cairo] Assembler problems on FreeBSD?

Joe R vinnyjojo at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 7 07:00:15 PDT 2005

Comments inline... (sorry for the dupe message, Carl -- I just realized I
didn't reply to the group)

--- Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org> wrote:

> On Sat, 3 Sep 2005 12:52:07 -0700 (PDT), Joe R wrote:
> 	LDADDS += -lpthread
> 	endif
> works fine on my Linux machine. What would you need to change in that
> file to get things to work for you?

There's no libpthread on FreeBSD (all BSD?) machines.  Instead, you bring in
thread support using a switch -pthread; including -lpthread makes ld fail
(since there's no library).  I just took a look at Makefile.am in the root dir,
but I can't figure out how to write the test you need (for the correct OS) into
it.  Otherwise this explaination would be a lot more specific & useful :)

> But, for us, any failure in the image backend is something we
> definitely want to hear about and that should be filed in
> bugs.freedesktop.org.

Well, funny you should mention this... I recompiled everything after including
Xrender in the build, and 22 of the fifty-someodd tests failed.  There has to
be some sort of odd config on BSD machines that make the tests not play nice
w/Cairo.  I was also able to compile pango and gtk against that build.  Let me
grab the latest from CVS a little later today and I'll post the results.

> So thanks for these reports!

My pleasure.  Nice to see a dev group that doesn't mind hearing about these
sorts of things from an end user.


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