[cairo] [win32] nightly builds?

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Tue Sep 27 15:57:56 PDT 2005

Jason Dorje Short wrote:
> Boris Popov wrote:
>> Is it conceivable to have automated builds of win32 libs happening on
>> a regular basis from a nightly cvs snapshot? I'd like to try some of
>> the recent patches committed for 1.0.2, but don't want to bug Tor
>> every time I need a new lib version compiled :)
>> Cheers!
> It would be easy to automate (via a cronjob) compilation of a binary 
> tarball using mingw cross-compilation on a Debian system (for instance).
After fiddling with Cairo trying to compile it on win32 via MSYS for few 
hours last night I wasn't able to gain much progress (not cairo's fault) 
unfortunately. So if anybody is willing to share a simple step-by-step 
guide to producing win32 DLL that would be greatly appreciated :)


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