[cairo] Help with finding latest mac os x / quarts examples

Brian Williams cairographics at chromaticgray.com
Sun Aug 13 22:57:40 PDT 2006

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if this is double posted, don't think that my first email went  

Can anyone please point me to the latest cairo-demo package? I have  
gotten it from the CVS archive but it appears to be out of date (old   
version of xcode, broken links to source, possibly referencing an old  
organization of Cairo)

I did get the latest version of Cairo with git, but the macosx and  
cairo-demo modules were not there, or could be that I just don't know  
how to use git properly.

I have compiled the source(no problem) and run the hello world  
program, but it would be nice to see it running in a window :)

One more thing. Has anyone used cairo in a Cocoa application or have  
an example of Cairo running in a NSView?

Thanks in advance!


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