[cairo] [PATCH 4/8] Fix warnings in tests on 64-bit systems

Jeff Smith whydoubt at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 14 23:41:53 PDT 2006

--- Pavel Roskin <proski at gnu.org> wrote:
> From: Pavel Roskin <proski at gnu.org>
> Cast argiments from size_t to int.  size_t is 64-bit on 64-bit systems,
> which causes a warning.  The actual data should fit 32 bit comfortably.

Of course in C99 the proper format tag for type size_t is "%z".  It's too bad
that it has not been supported properly until somewhat recently.  The C
library in Solaris 8, for instance, does not support it (though Solaris 8
doesn't come with xrender support either).

 -- Jeff Smith

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