[cairo] Need a Font Primer

Nicolas George nicolas.george at ens.fr
Mon Aug 21 15:57:38 PDT 2006

Le quartidi 4 fructidor, an CCXIV, Travis Griggs a écrit :
> 2) I have some cases, where I want to select fonts for different  
> encodings. To display mixed language texts.

ObPedantic: it is not correct to speak about different _encodings_ in this
context. Cairo uses UTF-8, only UTF-8, and it covers approximatively all the
languages in the world.

A correct term would be "script".

>					      For that, I'm going to  
> have to get comfy with FcPattern and pattern it looks like. Can  
> anyone point me to some sample code/tutorial/whatever that would  
> jumpstart figuring out what a common pattern is for doing this stuff.

Are you sure you want to reinvent the wheel? If not, just use Pango: it is
slow, but it does a great work of merging fonts, and handling
multidirectional scripts.


  Nicolas George
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