[cairo] Report for the pango patch and proper profiles

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Tue Dec 5 14:25:11 PST 2006

On Wed, 2006-12-06 at 00:11 +0200, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> I oprofiled them both today (using the timetext test):
> http://folks.o-hand.com/~jorn/pango-benchmarks/28-pango-1.15.0/
> http://folks.o-hand.com/~jorn/pango-benchmarks/28-pango-1.15.1/

I never was good with oprofile reports, but: looking at the fullreport
for 1.15.0, is pango_cairo_fc_font_get_glyph_extents() getting only
0.07% of total time?


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