[cairo] darwinports version of Cairo

Baz brian.ewins at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 18:27:38 PST 2006

Seems like a good point to pipe up, since I was just trying a
darwinports build and had some questions too. Travis, I'm not the
maintainer you were after, but I managed to build cairo ok - I assume
it was the quartz/atsui stuff you were after, so folks can try that?
Quartz at least is available in the current package:

sudo ports install cairo +quartz

I've attached a Portfile with more variants, so you can do:

sudo ports install cairo +quartz +nquartz +atsui +noxlib

to get a mac-ish build installed. NB the nquartz option won't actually
work right now - it fails the tests (which is my own question, below).
To use the portfile, make a directory called cairo, put the file in it
(called exactly 'Portfile'), cd to the directory and then run the
checksum, build, or install as usual. This builds the 1.3.4 snapshot
so it doesn't belong on the darwinports site - too bleeding edge. Its
basically the same as the existing portfile, but with extra variants
and a ghostscript dependency.

BTW I got some failures messing with the options here. --enable-atsui
doesn't work with --enable-nquartz, you need --enable-quartz too; and
--disable-ps didn't work for me?

So my own question is, what's the status of nquartz? I thought this
was the future of cairo on the mac - should I be pulling this from
Vlad if I want to try it? (I see a lot of test failures which appear
to be inverted images here; also I get an assertion failure in make
perf for nquartz (building from git):

[103]  nquartz-rgba   stroke_solid_rgba_source-64        3219    0.175
   0.176  4.42%  96
cairo-nquartz-surface.c:653: failed assertion `!(surface->sourceImage
|| surface->sourceShading || surface->sourcePattern)'

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